3D yacht creation services for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

The future of yacht design is here.

Real-time solutions powered by our 3D Unreal Engine are revolutionising yacht design around the globe. From enlightening visualisations at the planning stage to compelling immersive sales experiences—before, during, and after construction—We are bringing startling new innovations to the entire yachting industry.

What if you could remove months from the design process? Win key stakeholder support? Or visualise a yacht with a couple of clicks? With Pixel Mill, the full spectrum of real-time yacht architectural visualisation is available, anytime, anywhere. The future is wide open.

Smart tech for every touchpoint

We deliver stunning real-time content and experiences.

  • Create customised sales experiences with interactive yacht configurators

  • You can show your clients all the possible options for their yacht design, even before it's built.

  • And when it comes to choosing the finish, owners can make their selections at their own pace and see exactly what they'll be getting, in context.

Communicate globally

When you can give your clients the full yacht showroom experience at their own home or office, you open up your sales potential.

Our high-fidelity interactive web experiences can get the deal done. Real-time visualization gives your company the ability to show as much information as needed to answer all of the owner’s questions, and ultimately close the sale.

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Start shaping immersive owner experiences

Pixel Mill makes it simple to bring in high-fidelity data from a host of 3D, CAD, and BIM applications, so that we can start shaping immersive experiences right away.

With support for massive designs and stunning photorealism, we can easily bring your boldest yacht visions to life—even if it’s in a taxi on the way to the presentation.

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Design and delight your key stakeholders

When you want to excite someone or shorten the design cycle, immersive experiences are the way to go.

With Pixel Vis Yachts, you can show customers every option in your catalogue, take them on a VR tour of their yacht, or iterate on high-fidelity designs, all in the same place.

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Accelerated, automated

We quickly and easily convert CAD data from many sources at high fidelity, and then iterate with Datasmith’s nondestructive re-import feature.

Automate optimization processes with Python scripting, and easily create configurators with the Variant Manager and Blueprint visual scripting.

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Multi-user collaboration on any device

Build and review our design alone, or with others, at human scale. With support for multi-user VR collaboration, participants can grab and manipulate objects from anywhere in the world, helping everyone make design changes in context.

Your data, your choice

We help you create incredibly powerful immersive experiences;

  • render photorealistic marketing stills and fly-through videos;

  • or deliver interactive yacht configurators to customers anywhere in the world

  • And with access to WebGL/GLTF exporting, as well as the full source code, you can even create custom apps we haven't even thought of yet.

All together now

We help you create a bridge between stakeholders to solve problems before they start, using remote collaboration tools designed to make everyone feel involved. Explore your yacht design using VR/AR, show the latest concepts to global clients, or suggest new possibilities during a meeting—we connect the dots.

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Real time in less time

Getting your data into our 3D engine will always be fast and easy, whether you model in 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp Pro, Rhino, Cinema 4D, or any other CAD, BIM, or DCC solution. Once in, continue to iterate in your 3D application using Datasmith’s nondestructive re-import feature to add new changes to your real-time scene, or automate the process with Python scripting.

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Looking sharp

Whether you want photoreal or slickly stylized, we can render it at a fraction of a second per frame. With hybrid ray-traced/rasterized rendering, a deep material library, and so much more, communicating the vision for a yacht interior or exterior design is now a breeze.

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Combine and conquer

With our 3D Engine’s comprehensive file format support, we can aggregate design data from different sources and contributors, then see the entire project in one place. And with multi-user editing, we can share the design with key stakeholders in collaborative reviews for even faster iterations.

One asset, every deliverable

You can present designs wherever stakeholders want to consume them: interactively on a touchscreen or desktop, at human scale in VR or a CAVE, or using an ultra-slick video. With Pixel Streaming, you can also deliver full-quality interactive content to remote participants on any device. Once your asset is in the engine, its destination is up to you.

Want to find out more about our advanced real-time 3D yacht creation services for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

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